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Equipment Needed
Equipment Setting Used Notes
Microwave High Power 900 Watts
Toaster Medium-High Power N/A
Large Plate N/A Microwave Safe
Mug or Cup Same Shape as Muffin Microwave Safe
Paper Towels 6 sheets, or 10-12 half-sheets
Wax Paper You need 1 sheet approximately 10" by 10"
Ingredients Required
Ingredients # Required Notes
English Muffin At least 1 Pre-sliced
Bacon 3 Slices / Muffin Regular Bacon
Egg 1 / Muffin Size Large
Cheese Slice 1 / Muffin Processed Cheese
Margarine 1/4 teaspoon To Grease Mug/Cup
Fresh Pepper Pepper is completely optional

All of the above mentioned equipment and ingredients are required. You do not have to match it exactly if you don't have it. For example if your microwave is not 900 Watts and is 750 or so, the cooking times may be slightly different. Just try to follow as best you can and if it looks something like the pictures, chances are you are doing are good job.

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